Course curriculum

  • 1
    About Tracey Lewis-Stoeckel, M.Ed. and this course
    • This is me
  • 2
    Module 1: Taking Inventory
    • What Comes First?
    • Course Topic Worksheet
    • Getting Crystal Clear on Your Ideal Client
    • Ideal Client Exercise- PDF
    • Validating Your Idea
    • Why YOU Are the Right Person to Teach "The Thing"
    • Module 1 Resources
    • What Platform Should I Choose?
    • Platform List
  • 3
    Module 2: Evaluate
    • Goals Vs. Objectives
    • Goals & Objectives Worksheet
    • How Will You Deliver Your Course?
    • My Favorite Tools
    • Budgeting for Your Course
    • Budget Worksheet
    • Time Blocking Worksheet
    • Module 2 Resources
  • 4
    Module 3: Action & Outline
    • What Do You Need to Include?
    • Brittany Dixon's Project Management Lesson
    • Outlining Your Course
    • Engagement
    • Module 3 Resources
  • 5
    Module 4: Content Creation (& the Secret Sauce)
    • Types of Content
    • The Secret Sauce--Getting Started
    • How We Learn Part 1
    • Storytelling
    • Consistency
    • Tips for Screencasts
    • Tips for Good Video
    • Tips for Good Audio
    • Slide and Presentation Tips
    • Where is Your Learner Starting From?
    • Module 4 Resources
  • 6
    Module 5: Have a Plan
    • Managing Your Expectations
    • Course Delivery Checklist
    • How Do You Measure the Success of Your Course & Learner Satisfaction?
    • Marketing Plan
    • When to Update?
    • What Comes Next?
    • Module 5 Resources

You Know You Need a Course

But you have no idea where to start and you're afraid if you don't do this right, you'll lose credibility.

I mean, you've bought some bad courses yourself and you felt cheated.  You certainly didn't buy from those individuals again.  Could that happen to you?

How can you be sure you can build THE course your audience wants and make sure they love it and will buy from you again?  How can you be sure your course teaches "the thing" and brings them back craving more?


Creating the Course Your Audience Craves doesn't have to be something you wish for.  Not anymore.

What Could a Course Do For Your Business?

How will you feel when the testimonials start rolling in?

"Taking your course helped me double my business in only 30 days!"


"Everything about this course exceeded my expectations!"


"I can not thank you enough for making this so easy to learn!"


"This course changed my life! I can't wait to see what you come out with next!  Consider me a customer for life!"

Imagine how it would feel to make sales while you sleep, and then to wake up to raving fans.  When you build your course the right way this could easily be a reality for you.

Meet Tracey Lewis Stoeckel

Your Instructor and Course Coach

Hi! I'm Tracey and I am so excited to share the culmination of my years of business, customer service, course creation, and education mastery with you.  I am a course junkie and I love to learn.  But I have been disappointed more times than I care to recall by courses that claim to teach "the thing" only to find that they don't deliver results.  Or, just as bad, the course lessons are inconcise, coated in fluff, poorly recorded, or delivered in a mode that doesn't suit the content and is difficult to learn.


I've purchased some of the priciest courses from some of the most sought-after course creators (some of whom even claim to be able to teach you how to be a teacher) only to find that they didn't employ any tested learning theory or that they merely read their slide show presentation on video!  That isn't teaching!  


This is why I built Create the Course Your Audience Craves.  So you could learn how to create engaging course content that teaches the thing, how you can name that course something that insures that people will want to buy it, and how you can make sure you aren't overwhelming your learners but that you ARE leaving them feeling like they got what they paid for.  It's definitely not rocket science, but it is EDUCATION, and that is something I have studied and an area I have worked extensively in both as a college instructor and in the corporate environment.


Create the Course Your Audience Craves will show you how to create the content, how to deliver it, and how to make sure your learners get what they came for.  But even more than that it will show you how adults learn, how to avoid common pitfalls in adult education, and how to create raving fans who will buy everything you create in the future.  Plus you get experience, expertise, and support every step of the way.  I am in this with you, I promise!


This isn't just a sale for me, it is a mission.  If no one ever buys a disappointing course again, I will be the happiest educator on the planet!  You can help me change the world one online course at a time, and I need you beside me in this cause!


I can't wait to see you inside!





Here's what Tracey's clients have said about working with her

Rose Lounsbury

Smart, Intuitive, and Precise!

Rose Lounsbury

As a former classroom teacher, I felt pretty confident creating my own online course and wasn’t sure I needed outside help. Boy, was I wrong! Tracey’s insight is smart, intuitive, and precise. Like any good teacher, Tracey immediately saw what I was doing right--and where I needed to improve. She also helped me rethink how to package, market, and price the course, which has been invaluable! Her teaching sense--combined with her business savvy--is a true rarity in the online world. So if you’re looking to create an online course, look no further than Tracey! -Rose Lounsbury, Minimalism & Simplicity Coach, Amazon bestselling Author, & TedX Speaker ​
Erica Quigley

Presented in an Easily Interpreted Way

Erica Quigley

"Tracey's Mini Course "Outline Your Online Course" was perfect for me because it was no-fluff, to the point, and gave me exactly the basics I needed to know. Tracey is succinct, she uses basic explanations, and a very easy outline overview to help me plan my course. All of it makes so much sense, but none of it had clicked for me until Tracey presented it in this easy to interpret way. And bonus-- there is a nice little workbook for me to use to plan my course out. Thank you Tracey!" -Erica Quigley, Chief Consultant, Erica Quigley Business Optimization
Denise Gaffney

Efficiency, Communication & Quality

Denise Gaffney

Tracey helped me out with professionalism and promptness for a last minute project I needed help on. I was so impressed with her efficiency, her communication style, the quality of her work and her ability to easily teach me how to use my new course that she set up. She covered all the bases and went beyond. I was so LUCKY to have found her when I did and I will definitely use her again! -Denise Gaffney

What you get inside the course...

This isn't your typical DIY course, in fact we pride ourselves on being anything but typical.

  • Lessons on everything from course topics, to learning objectives, to pricing strategies.

  • Video lessons with additional worksheets and resources as needed.

  • Taught to you by an educator with a master's degree in education and nearly ten years experience creating education for adult learners both in higher education and in corporate settings.

  • The secret sauce you won't find anywhere else: lessons in adult learning theory and psychology to help you make sure your audience gets the outcomes they paid you for.


  • Will this course teach me how to launch my course when I am finished with it?

    While we will touch on some launchy topics, my expertise is in education, not marketing. This course is designed to help you make sure your audience gets what they paid for...there are better gurus than I for figuring out how to market it.

  • Will you teach me how to beta-test my course?

    I don't use the term beta-testing. But I do talk about validating your course idea. I also offer a different, more in-depth course about validating your idea as well as how to do that with social media. You might want to pick that up at some point.

  • If I have already taken other course creation courses, how is this one different?

    As far as I know, no one who teaches course building for business owners teaches about learning theory or adult learner psychology to make sure your audience learns "the thing".

  • What if I have more questions?

    If you have more questions about whether this course is right for you or not please send me an email at or schedule a 15-minute Discovery Call with me by visiting

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